How to stream online (streaming or watching the recordings).

  1. You will useTHIS LINKto watch the stream. This link will be active 15 minutes before the event each day, so please contact us only after that time if you have a problem with it. It’s unique to you, so please do not post/share. Recordings will be hosted on a different site, so if you click this after the event is over and don’t see it don’t stress. We’ll be sending out the recording links the following week.
  2. The livestream moderators consists of Shane Spiker, Abby Lewis, and Tom Buqo. They are all awesome analysts who will be moderating comments and helping with the online activities and making sure the online voices are heard and relayed to presenters. Ryan will be making some appearances between filming the event and working on the livestream logistics.
  3. All conference slides will be available as aPDF HEREby Saturday morning. This folder will be empty until then. If a presenter is sharing something that cannot be shared publicly (e.g., a client video) then it will not be in the slides, but you will be able to see it during the live recording. 
  4. The stream quality will be dependent on your internet connection. Have one bar of 4G? It’s not likely to sound or look great. Have an ethernet connection at your house? It’s going to be amazingly crispy! Streaming is best with a dedicated direct line. The general rule is if you can stream a YouTube video then you’ll expect the same from our stream. So, although the event can be streamed through 4G and LTE and wireless connections, it’s recommended that you plan to attend with a direct ethernet connection with at least 5Mb/s connection. All attendees will receive a recording of the event as a part of registration. Data usages may apply for your streaming and are your sole responsibility.
  5. We’ll be using #CHATTcon on social media throughout the weekend, if you want to be seen and heard and maybe even featured consider using it! Twitter can be directly shared on the stream, so if you use that you can maybe even make it on the stream – keep it fun, witty and professional of course 😉 

When you click on the link to start the livestream you’ll get a screen like this:

Click on the login button. If you have a Vimeo account login with your username and password.

If you don’t have an account you’ll need to crate one. Choose join livestream

On the next screen put in your email address and click the sign up button, then go to your email to find the email from Vimeo and click on it.

Alternatively you can choose sign up with Facebook which is a lot easier.

You can do the above steps ahead of time (even right now) to get your Vimeo account so that you’re sure not to miss anything at the beginning of the livestream.


Click here to download the schedule; note all times are pacific and the stream starts approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the event each day.

Note that the Friday event will be streamed from 5-7PM, starting at 4:45.Click here for aTimezone converter.