The Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology

Join us in Seattle - July 19-21, 2019

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Venue and Accommodations

We’ve nailed down the venue and we’re pretty excited about being able to hold this in a super cool place: The University of Washington, Seattle. We’ll be getting a room block in one of the brand new residences at the university. This is very basic accommodation with a single bed in a private room and private bathroom (shower only, no tub).

Here’s a link so that you can see what the rooms are like:

Choose Madrona Hall, scroll down on the page to the picture and click on the small dots below the image to see the rooms, bathroom and common rooms. You will get a private room with a private bathroom.

If you choose to stay in the residence you can let us know your requirements in the form at the bottom of this page. We will handle the reservation for you. You do not need to contact the university to book your own room.

If you choose not to stay at the residence, we’ll offer you a stipend for lodging at the price of the residence room ($100USD per night) and you can stay wherever you choose. If you choose not to stay in the residence you will be responsible for booking your own accommodation. You can let us know in the form at the bottom of this page.

The University Inn that we used last year was fine according to those who stayed there. It’s close to the university and offers a free breakfast. Please google University Inn Seattle for rates and information.

There are also quite a few nice airbnbs in the area. If you filter on “whole place” you can find those that give you a private space.

In summary:

If you stay in the residence we will book it and pay for it, you do not need to contact the university yourself.

If you stay somewhere else you will need to make your own arrangements and we will reimburse you for that number of nights at the residence room rate of $100/night.


If you stay in the residence you will also get a food card that you can use at any eatery on campus. This will cover breakfast and lunch for each day of your stay. If you’re frugal you can use what’s left over towards dinner on campus as well. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on dining options on campus.

You’ll receive a free lunch on Sat and Sun of the conference regardless of where you choose to stay.

We’ll have more information about lunch and we’ll request information about your preference and dietary restrictions as we get closer to the date.


We’ll be covering your travel costs and we’ll let you know as soon as we have enough registrations to break even, at which point we’ll let you know that it’s safe to book your travel. You will be responsible for booking your own travel. We’ll reimburse you promptly on submission of receipts. We’ll post a form here for you to use to submit receipts to us.

The initial buzz and early bird registrations point to a successful event. The more you can help promote, the faster we’ll be in a position to celebrate this goal. In the coming months we’ll continue sharing assets for you to share on social media and forward along - so look for those throughout the next months (starting next week)!

Your Presentation

We’d like to have your title or at least your topic by Jan 15 so that we can announce the list of topics prior to the end of the early bird deadline period on Jan 31.

We’d like to have your summary by the end of March. You can make changes after this, but we want the gist of it to be able to share with attendees.

Please submit your presentation info to us using the form button below on this page.

Each presentation has a 50 minute time slot. We know that you can’t possibly impart all your wisdom in this short time. We’d like you to consider this as a TED talk and try to focus on only the most important insights and messages that you want to convey. We’d like you to consider that half the audience is animal trainers and half are people trainers, with most of those being behavior analysts. Please try to use plain language and if you absolutely must use jargon, please explain it for the benefit of those unfamiliar with your field.

We would like to review your presentation with you and help you to tweak it for our audience. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and to help you frame your talk.

The theme of the conference is the convergence of human training, animal training and technology. We’d love it if you could incorporate at least 2 of the themes. Please try to think about the key insights that you have and how these could benefit human and animal trainers. What do you know that you wish all people and animal trainers knew? What procedures have you developed that could help both human and animal trainers? What way of thinking could benefit all? What do you know about antecedent arrangement, influencing behavior, reinforcement, cueing or other aspects of training that may be of help to others?

We’re not looking for a “how to” presentation, but more of a “why to” and “how to think differently” kind of presentation. Stories of training situations where you struggled for a solution and then had an epiphany would be very well received and instructive. That said, we can share as many tools as you would like via email with particpants (including having them linked the day of the event for them to access).

We really appreciate your efforts in thinking about this and making this conference something very different for our audience. Please discuss your ideas in the Facebook group so that we can all share in the creation of something magical.

Event Promotion

We’re going to be promoting this like crazy in a fun and engaging way. We’re aiming for another sold out event! We’d love to have your help to make this as successful as possible. There’s a form below in which you can post your bio, photo, website, company logo and other information to help us promote you and your talk. We know you’re super busy, so if you can’t get to this, we’ll just get as much as we can from your Facebook or LInkedIn profiles.

If you’re a repeat speaker we’ll use the same info you sent us last time unless you submit a new form.

For your Bio, can you please try to keep it to 200-500 words? The target audience for this event is human teachers/trainers and animal trainers. We will be having 2 different landing pages for the event that target each of these markets. If you can provide a bio that targets each of these, we will use the two different ones. If not, just one bio will be great.

Video Promotion

We’d like to do a video interview with you and/or host a Facebook live on our Facebook page to help people get to know you and become more interested in attending. These are optional and we understand if you can’t fit this into your schedule. We’ll post more info about this on the Presenter Facebook group when we’re ready to get going with this.

If you’d like to see the ones we did last time, here’s a link with most of them:

If you’re a repeat speaker we can repost your 2018 interview, but if you’d like to another live interview that would be even better. The live interviews were very popular and we credit those as having a big influence in our rapid sell out of the tickets.

Social Media

We’re in love with social media in case you haven’t noticed. We sold out out last event in less than 3 months and we had 100 people on the livestream. It was because of social media. We’re going to kick it up a notch for 2019 since we have 6 extra months this year. Please help us out by liking, sharing or commenting if that’s your thing and you like what we’re posting.

Ranch Day

There will be a special day at the Karen Pryor National Training Center (The Ranch) hosted by Ken Ramirez on the Friday before the conference. Ken has generously offered 10 complimentary guest spots for speakers. As a guest you will be able to observe, but will not get an opportunity to do any actual training with the animals. There will be a charge of $22 for lunch.

Here’s more info about the Ranch:

These 10 spots will be available on a 1st come basis. You can indicate your interest in the Speaker Requirements form below and we'll contact you once the registration is set up so that you can register with a VIP code. This is the only way to access this special bonus opportunity!

Fill Out Forms

Continue below to send us your information using the form buttons. Please use the forms instead of sending us information via email so that we are sure to have everything you send and nothing will get lost. These forms are easier and quicker for you than replying by email and they make keeping track a lot easier for us. Thanks!

Print/Download this Info

To print or save this document to your computer, click on the button above. When the document opens, click on File at top left, then choose "Print" or "Download as" from the dropdown.

Submit Your Expense Receipts

Please submit your expense receipts using this form. If you have additional receipts at a later date, just start a new entry in the form.

Tell us about yourself

By Nov 30, 2018

Please click on the button at left to fill in a form to provide us with information such as your bio, your website, your photo, your company logo and other information that we need in order to promote you and the conference. This is information that you'll already have on hand, so we'd appreciate it if you can fill in this form right away so that we can start telling the world about how awesome you are and how lucky they'll be to see you at our conference.

If you're a returning speaker we'll just use the information you provided the last time, so you don't need to fill this out unless you want to change something.

Tell us about your requirements

By Dec 15, 2018

Please click on this button to tell us about your requirements. We'd like to know your preference for accommodations, whether you're bringing a guest and other info we need to make sure you're happy. The university wants an estimate on the number of private dorm rooms to hold for us, so we'd appreciate it if you could let us know as soon as you can.

Tell us about your presentation

By Jan 15, 2019

Please fill out this form if you know the title and have a summary of your talk available. If not, you can leave this until you're ready. We'd like to have the topic or title by Jan 15 so that we can announce the list of topics before the early bird discount period ends on Jan 31.

Request to join speaker's Facebook group

Please request to join the private Facebook group for conference speakers. We'll use this to post non-critical updates and to post marketing stuff that we'd love for you to share. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please post them in this group so that everyone can benefit from the answers/discussion. We'll send you as few emails as possible, and we'll use this group to communicate informally. We'll send emails only when we have critical updates or questions for you. If you're not on Facebook, please email any questions to


Please help us us by connecting with us on social media. We'll be working on building up the Convergence brand this year while also posting on TAGteach and RYANO social media. Please click on the links below to like/follow us.

We'll be posting with the hashtag #CHATTCON