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The Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology 

Friday June 25- Saturday June 26, 2021

Become a Sponsor

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CHATTcon 2021 - Sponsorship

This third annual event will be held online Friday June 25 and Saturday June 26, with networking and some events on Thursday June 24. It will be hosted by TAGteach International and RYANO. The registrations are pouring in and we expect to meet or exceed the 300+ attendance from previous years.

We'll be running the event on the Whova event app, which gives excellent opportunities for sponsor exposure and engagement with attendees. Sponsors of other events hosted on Whova report even greater satisfaction with exposure and interaction with attendees with a virtual conference than with an in-person event.

Innovative Speakers

We have an incredible line-up of speakers with a wealth of knowledge to share. The speakers are excited and we had a tremendously positive and enthusiastic response when we asked for their time and effort to help us with this event.

The speakers are highly sought after and respected in their fields and many have large followings. By sponsoring this event, your company and message will be seen by a large segment of the human and positive reinforcement based animal training community.

Exceptional Attendees

Not only are our speakers exceptional, but so are our attendees. We invite all our past speakers back as VIP guests to the conference. We attract many leaders in the fields of behavior analysis and animal training as attendees. All these influencers talk about the conference and share their excitement about it on social media, which in turn gives you wider exposure as a sponsor.

Conference Format

The conference presentations will be recorded ahead of time and will be released on May 1 for all attendees. The actual conference dates will be for engagement. There will be a 45 minute slot for each presenter to do a brief overview of their topic or their impressions of the conference, followed by Q&A with the attendees and other speakers.

This gives us a long window in which we can have additional activities to engage the audience and during while time your logo will be displayed in the Whova app.

Your logo will be on display on a rotating basis on all the areas of the Whova app. You'll get more exposure, the higher the level of your sponsorship.

Additional Activities

We have various activities planned for the period May 1-Jun 24 and for the conference dates. These allow for additional sponsor exposure as shown in the chart below.

Activities include:

- Virtual scavenger hunt - attendees will be sent to your site to find info based on clues

- Networking bingo - attendees will fill out a bingo card with info about other attendees

- Photo contests - attendees will upvote submitted photos

- Watch parties - dates and times will be planned to watch the presentation videos as a group

- Networking and social events - you will be welcome to attend

Social Media

Between CHATTcon, TAGteach and RyanO we have active social media communities. We'll share links to your site, your content and thank you posts during the lead up to the conference, starting from whenever you register for sponsorship

Whova App

The Whova app, in which we will will run the entire conference, has many opportunities for sponsor exposure and engagement. Please watch this video to see all the benefits of sponsorship. Your logo will be displayed in the banners at a higher rate, depending on your level of sponsorship.

Choose a Sponsorship Level

Platinum - One Only Available


All elements of Gold (see below)


- 4 additional passes to the event

- 10 1-year all-access memberships with TAGteach

- exclusive sponsorship of Thursday and Friday night social/networking events

- 15 minute pitch during Friday night social/networking event

- Facebook live interview with Ryan and your representative

- Whova Exhibitor booth where you will be able to display your products, collect leads and engage with attendees







Free passes to conference




Logo on conference home/registration page




Logo on banner behind Ryan in his studio




Logo on conference T-shirts




Logo and link on dedicated sponsor page




Live pitch during breaks (first 2 sponsors only)

Thank you during conference open and close

Mention with links in posts on all our social media

Posts with links in CHATTcon Facebook group

Inclusion in sponsor showcase on Whova

Ability to text chat directly with attendees

Ability to video chat directly with attendees

Logo exposure on banners in Whova app 

Your site explored during scavenger hunt

Get to know sponsor - day-of event

Sponsor a speaker presentation recording

Sponsor a video session watch party

Sponsor a photo contest

Logo on bingo card - networking activity

Maximum total of Gold + Silver + Platinum sponsors = 14

Additional Information About Some of the Gold Level Items

  1. Scavenger Hunt - we're doing a virtual scavenger hunt during the May-Jun 24 pre-conference period. People will need to come to your site and follow a clue to find something so that they can report it found in the scavenger hunt.
  2. Get to know sponsor - Day of event - we'll have virtual meet up during lunch break of your choosing where people can drop in to chat with you
  3. Sponsor a Speaker recording - you will be the sole sponsor of the speaker of you choice for the recording and the live session. Whova will show only your logo in the area that houses the recording and the live session. Ryan will thank you at the beginning of the live session
  4. Sponsor a watch party - we are doing watch parties during the lead up to the event to encourage groups to watch together and then chat. Whova will show only your logo during this. Ryan will thank you at the beginning
  5. Sponsor a photo contest - we are running one or more photo contests.  We'll give a "brought to you by" mention in the social media promoting the contest. You will get  a thank you when the prizes are given out. You may share this with another sponsor depending on how many Gold sponsors there are and how many different photo contests there are.

Optional Bonus (add $300) - Exhibitor booth

In addition to a placement in the Whova sponsor area you may purchase an exhibitor booth for $300. This is the price that we pay to Whova for this. Here's a video that explains how it works

Please send an email to for more info or to request a contract

RYANO, LLC is an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) (# OP-19-3037) provider and The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse RYANO, LLC, the materials, information or sessions identified herein.