The Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology

Join us in Seattle - July 19-21, 2019

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Attention people teachers and trainers! Attention animal trainers! Your worlds are about to collide in a truly phenomenal way. Join us in scenic Seattle in July to learn from the best in both fields. Your skills and knowledge will jump to the next level when you hear what these visionaries have to teach you. The best lessons are taught to us by our students, and you'll hear about the insights that top teachers and trainers have gained from dogs, children with intellectual disabilities, whales, elite athletes, surgeons and more.

If that's not enough awesomeness for one conference, you'll also be blown away by the technology available and in development to help with data collection, reinforcement, metadata-based decision making, artificial intelligence and more.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to expand your horizons and find out what's going on at the leading edge of human and animal training. Increase your thinking and skills beyond the bounds of experience from working in one field. Sign up now to ensure that you get one of the 400 in-person spots.

Check out this fabulous video by Rachel Ryan Media that shows you what a great time you'll have at our conference:

What People Are Saying About the CHATTcon Experience

  • Abby Grief BCBA Abby Grief BCBA ABA Technologies
    I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for an absolutely incredible conference! It had to be one of the most fun, interesting, eye-opening, inspiring, and educational conferences I have been to yet - and it was only the first one! I very much look forward to attending in the years to come, so thank you again for putting on such a wonderful event and bridging a much needed gap in the world of behavior!
  • Vicci Tucci BCBA Vicci Tucci BCBA CHATTcon 2018 Speaker
    Best conference ever!
  • Carl Binder PhD Carl Binder PhD CATTcon 2018 Speaker
    It was a fantastic conference, and thanks for putting it on!
  • Megan Miller BCBA Megan Miller BCBA CHATTcon 2018 Speaker
    It was definitely the best conference I have attended to date and I have already marked my calendar to attend next year.
  • Danielle Watson BCBA Danielle Watson BCBA
    Everyone’s really having a good time and enjoying the conference and everybody’s learning from each other. I’ve really liked how the animal presenters have broken everything down behaviorally to be understood by everybody, because a lot of the time that’s an issue with behavior analysis. We’re very jargony.

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Superstar Speaker Line Up!

Theresa McKeon

Ken Ramirez

Susan Friedman

Ryan O'Donnell

Annie Esclanate

T. V. Joe Layng

Andy Chavez

Ann Bergeron

Kathy Sdao

Susan Schneider

Anne Wormald

Adam Dreyfus

Alex Diaz

Christy Alligood

Come With Us to School!

What better place to hold this conference that will bring great minds in human and animal training together than the University?

Join the fun in Kane120 at the University of Washington, Seattle Campus.

Visit Iconic Seattle!

You'll fall in love with Seattle, so be sure to bring the family and spend a few extra days.

Markets, culture, history, coffee, beer, adventure and the spectacular natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Did we mention coffee? Seattle has it all. If Seattle isn't on your bucket list, it should be!

Exclusive Offer - A Day at The Ranch

For CHATTcon attendees only! Start your conference experience a day early and join a small group of fellow attendees at Karen Pryor Clicker Training's National Training Center, The Ranch. This stunning 13-acre property is located in Graham, Washington.

You'll spend a day at the KPCT Ranch learning from the master himself, Ken Ramirez. You'll get to soak up some incredible knowledge so that your training will get a boost to the next level, regardless of what species you train.

In addition to two lectures with Ken, you'll get to try your hand at training one of these cuties. How can you resist this? And you'll get lunch and snacks!

You'll get access to the registration for this ($175) after you register for the conference.


50% Off Intro to TAGteach Online

When you register for CHATTcon you'll receive a discount code that you can use at the TAGteach Online Learning Center or Precision Teaching University.

This course earns you Level 1 TAGteach Certification if you hand in all the homework and videos.

CEUs from this Course

BACB: 10.5 Type 2 CEUs (only from Precision Teaching University)



Can't Make it to Seattle?

We've got a livestream option just for you!

All you'll need is a device with internet access and a headset or speakers and you'll be ready to experience this incredible event as it's happening.

If you're not able to join in live, you'll have access to the recording for 30 days after the conference. You must sign up in advance to get this option.

Check out this full session with the incomparable Susan Friedman from CHATTcon 2018.

"So I think if I gave you one most important thing it would be to connect to the answer, what is behavior for? And I think that as behavior analysts, and as animal trainers, we're so focused on the behavior we need the animal to learn, or the individual to enter their repertoire for success, that we sometimes forget that we're all part of this bigger evolutionary picture. And that behavior is part of that as well. So behavior is for, as many of you said it different ways, operating on the environment."

"It was no mistake that Skinner picked the word “operant” as we are operators. I think there's some irony to the bad rap, the clockwork orange, rap. That we are in some way, puppeteers wanting to control, when the very word “operant” is a clue to the fact that the organism itself is the operator, which is an empowered description of what we do with our behavior."

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